Landscape Curbing Grand Rapids, MI

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Landscape Curbing
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Our natural stone pattern simulates real stone while still providing all the benefits of concrete edging. Premier Edge Natural Stone edging is extruded on site like traditional curbing, but is finished with a custom stone impression that is sure to take your landscape to the next level.

Natural Stone Pattern

 Curbing Options

   Premier Edge offers many colors for your concrete edging, so you can match your curbing to your home or surrounding landscape. All colors are mixed completely through your concrete, which ensures consistent coloring throughout all of your edging.  
   We apply concrete sealer after your curbing is laid, to protect against UV rays and fading.  This will keep your curbing looking great for years to come. We recommend having your concrete edging resealed every 2-3 years and can provide this service at a minimal fee.

landscape curbing grand rapids mi

landscape curbing grand rapids mi

Landscape Curbing Grand Rapids, MI

 Brick Red        Tile Red        Colorado     Terra Cotta
    Slate             Granite      Sandstorm    Sandsquall
  Khaki         Cinnamon         Adobe             Aztec
 Bamboo          Peach            Sahara           Mojave
 Driftwood    Timberland       Sequoia       Redwood
 Rawhide      Saddlesoap      Sedona          Arizona

Curb Colors

 Vintage Brick        Cobblestone             Ashlar                  Spanish           Herringbone
Flagstone                 Slate               Running Bond      Old Running          Old Stone              
   River Rock         Random Rock           H-Brick             Double Brick      Basket Weave

 Curb Patterns

6x4 Curb

 Mower's Edge

 Curb Profiles